| Pre-Paid RFQ Packages

credit your account with pre-paid RFQ Process packages

The Pre-Paid Service:
  • You can credit your account with instances of RFQ processes with us.
  • The Pre-Paid Instances are instances of our Procurement Service for up to 3 Part Numbers at each given time.
  • You can use these as and when required and they will never expire.
  • The Pre-Paid Service ensures that none of the Charges associated with the Ad-Hoc Service apply.
  • The Packages available are listed in the table below.

  • Package Description Charges [EUR]
    Package A [5 RFQ Instances] 625.00 [125.00 each]
    Package B [10 RFQ Instances] 1,150.00 [115.00 each]
    Package C [15 RFQ Instances] 1,575.00 [105.00 each]
    Package D [20 RFQ Instances] 1,900.00 [95.00 each]
    All Prices are subject to VAT for organisations outside of the European Economic Area

    The RFQ Process for Pre-Paid Requests

  • You email us your Requirements
  • We select the Suppliers/Service Providers most likely to respond to your Requirements and make contact.
  • We provide feedback to you throughout the process, with RFQ Progress Emails.
  • You provide feedback to us as the Progress Emails reach you.
  • Once our Sourcing is completed we will send you a report with all options.
  • You will decide which of the options is deemed favourable for your purpose.
  • We will reveal the name of the Supplier and all details related to your chosen option.
  • It will remain up to you whether you want to proceed with the Purchasing from the specific Supplier.
  • The Purchasing and Logistics remain yours and the Suppliers responsibility.
  • Ad-Hoc Service

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