| The Independant Procurement Department at your Fingertips - when you demand more options from your procurement

Do you want to:
  • Increase the Number of Offers for any given Requirement for your Organisation.
  • Hire another Procurement Department to work for your Organization FREE-OF-CHARGE until you decide it has helped you.
  • Increase your Supplier Database.

  • What we do:
  • We are experts in Aviation Components Procurement from Requirement to Delivery.
  • We take your requirements and use our state of the art Procurement Platform to enquire on your behalf the most appropriate suppliers for the requirement.
  • We will anonymously pass the RFQ results to you as well as to all selected suppliers and give them the chance to send us their best and final offer.

  • We can work on your requirements in either of the following 3 ways:
  • On an Ad-Hoc Basis, no strings attached. You just give us the requirement and we supply the offers. If any of our offers is good then we will we will get you in touch with the supplier. This service is charged on a percentage basis.
  • You can pre-purchase a number of RFQs. See the packages available in the Packages page. These waive our pecentage charges. They are prepaid and you own them.
  • We can take over part or all of your procurement. Purchasing and Logistics. A solution can be tailored to your needs and charged on a monthly basis accordingly.
  • do you have a requirement we can help you with?

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    We will need
  • your contact information incl. tel and email
  • part number [and any alternates] or service required or a generic term [e.g. carpet]
  • description
  • quantity
  • location required
  • urgency [e.g. AOG, 24 hrs, 7 days etc.
  • particular info [e.g. Mod status, SBs required etc]
  • aircraft type and/or engine type

  • and if possible
  • ATA Chapter
  • IPC Reference
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