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The Team

An experienced Team comprised of aviation procurement professionals that have been in the field in every procurement post in the aviation environment.

Headed by Demetris Alexandrides MEng
Professional Engineer involved in the past 25 years on a variety of disciplines as listed below.
  • Aircraft Design and Manufacture in Filton and Chester in the UK
  • Various Airlines Technical Departments in Management, Engineering and Spares.
  • Aviation Software Development from Flight Control Laws to Application Development, in Airbus Germany [Deutsche Aerospace], Airbus UK [BAE SYSTEMS] and CSC Computer Sciences Corporation in Bristol UK
  • Engineering Software Development in a wide variety of Engineering Disciplines [THEDESIGNBENCH LTD]
  • Procurement Systems Design and Management for various industries. [THEDESIGNBENCH LTD]
  • Ground Support Equipment Maintenance & Engineering Support at LCA & PFO Airports. [THEDESIGNBENCH LTD]
  • Engineering Solutions & Automation Software Design. [THEDESIGNBENCH LTD]
  • We have experienced the endless nights orchestrating a component's route to the AOG site numerous times.
    We know that there are big savings to be made in the sourcing of routine components by having that extra knowledge of which door to knock.
    And we can benefit both the operator and the supplier at the same time.

    About Semplice
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