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The Ad-Hoc Service:
  • Is a No Obligation to commit service. We will look for Offers to satisfy your Requirements as much as possible and you can either select one of our Offers or inform us that none are of interest to you.
  • Is a Free-of-Charge service. You can use our system and resources and you will only be charged for our services if and when you decide to commit to one of the Offers we present to you.
  • You can use our Service either for your AOG Requests or any Routine Requests you may want more Offers on. Up to 3 PNs on each Request.
  • Our Charges in the event that you want to go ahead with any of our Offers are listed in the table below.

  • Accepted Offers Amount [USD] Charges
    0-2,000 USD 200.00 [Min Fee] (USD 400.00 for Immediate Response AOG Requests)
    2,001-10,000 9%
    10,001-200,000 8%
    200,001-plus 7%
    All Prices are subject to VAT for organisations outside of the European Economic Area

    What you need to do

  • State your Requirements to with as much detail as possible including
    • your contact information incl. tel and email
    • part number [and any alternates] or service required or a generic term [e.g. carpet]
    • description
    • quantity
    • location required
    • urgency [e.g. AOG, 24 hrs, 7 days etc.
    • particular info [e.g. Mod status, SBs required etc]
    • aircraft type and/or engine type

    • and if possible
    • ATA Chapter
    • IPC Reference
  • Be on Stand-By to respond to any clarifications we or the Suppliers/Providers might need
  • Once an Offer has officially been accepted by your Organization be transparent on the progress of the Supply of Parts/Services by the Supplier/Service Provider and keep us copied on all progress correspondence.
  • And finally when the Transaction is complete, we will send you a Supplier/Service Provider Rating Email [1-5 Rating on 8 Categories] just so that we can keep tabs on their performance for your benefit.
  • The RFQ Process for Ad-Hoc Requests

  • You email us your Requirements
  • We select the Suppliers/Service Providers most likely to respond to your Requirements and make contact.
  • We provide feedback to you throughout the process, with RFQ Progress Emails.
  • You provide feedback to us as the Progress Emails reach you.
  • Once our Sourcing is completed you decide whether you want to Commit to any of the Offers presented.
  • If you are NOT interested in any of our Offers then you communicate it to us and the Process stops there.
  • If you are interested in pursuing any of the Offers then an Agreement is sent to you, you sign it and send it back. This contains the selected Offers and our Charges for your confirmation. Then the details of the Supplier are sent to you and your details are sent to the Supplier along with your Signed Agreement.
  • Payment and Logistics remain the responsibility of your Organization and the Supplier. Our Charges, if not invoiced to you, they will form part of the Supplier's Invoice to you.
  • The Service

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